Taking a Hiatus

I have been pursuing various projects lately and have not really been writing much about Business Analysis. My focus today is more in effectively implementing Agile.

There is a lot of great information here, so do feel free to browse around.  I recently went through the whole blog, cleaned some stuff up, and discovered some very cool posts (check out the category of Online Game).

I am currently focused on my Agile Transformation blog at Agile is Dead (or is it?) and am also working on publishing a series of Agile books for Executives. See Geri Schneider Winters site for information on my books and how to contact me.

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About Geri Schneider Winters

Geri Schneider Winters is the primary author of the popular Use Case book "Applying Use Cases: A Practical Guide" and the founder of Wyyzzk, Inc. She has over 25 years experience spanning the software development lifecycle. Geri has learned her craft working with folks such as Grady Booch, Jim Rumbaugh, Ivar Jacobson, Walker Royce, Scott Ambler, Warren Woodford, Philippe Kruchten, and Kendall Scott, along with many less well known, but equally talented, people. Geri has worked in many companies in many industries, including IBM, Boeing, Lockheed, Adobe, Intuit, Delta Dental, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Money Store, Charles Schwab, The Federal Reserve Bank, Visa International, USAA, Stanford University, University of California, Carnegie Mellon University, HiLCoE College, Agilent, Knights Technology, Deloitte and Touche, Safeway, and Coca-Cola Enterprises.