New BA Video Tips

I have set up a video channel for Business Analyst tips on YouTube.
There are 15 videos there at present including:

  • 5 steps to better use cases – parts 1 and 2
  • Business rules versus Technical Constraints
  • Use Stories versus User Cases
  • Business Analyst Career Paths
  • and 10 videos on how a BA would start to work on a project
  • There are 10 different project types, so 10 different videos

I’ll be adding more over time, so let me know if there is something you want me to make a video about!

Here is the link again:

Pass on the link to other BA’s you know.

Ravencloud Announced

Congratulations to Ravenflow on the release of the new version of their product RavenCloud!

This is a very exciting new product that lets you automatically create activity diagrams from your use cases, find and correct errors in the flow, and export your diagrams to a document – all offered over the net from anywhere you are in the world.

I participated in the beta this year, and was really impressed by how easy it is to log into a website, enter my use cases, and automatically generate activity diagrams and find errors in the flow.

RavenCloud is being offered by subscription, so you don’t have any software to install and you can access it from anywhere on the web.

You can even try before you buy :-) You can get a free account that lets you enter your use cases, create activity diagrams, and save them. You can copy and paste the activity diagrams into your documents with a watermark.

Paid accounts give you more options for exporting your work, and remove the watermark from the diagrams.

You can find RavenCloud here:

I’m not an affiliate, just a happy user and long time associate of the company.

Go get your free account and start using RavenCloud for yourself!


Example Use Cases

A lot of people are looking for example use cases. So I thought I’d make a short post telling a variety of places I offer example use cases that I have written.

  1. If you sign up for my free tip of the week (see the upper right of this page), you get some reports with example use cases in them, along with a year of tips on writing use cases, writing other requirements, and the Business Analyst (or Business System Analyst) career. Current Price: Free.
  2. If you buy my new book Use Case Business Requirements Model – Home Mortgage Loans, you get a complete business requirements model for the home mortgage loan domain (banking), with 30 use cases, over 80 business rules and supplementary requirements, and many UML diagrams including use case, activity, class, and state.  More than example use cases, this shows you how to put a complete business requirements model together.  Current Price: $27 USD.
  3. If you buy my book Applying Use Cases: A Practical Guide (2nd Edition)
    there is a large use case example in that book, especially in appendix E. This example is order processing for an online store.  (This is my Amazon associate link, so if you buy through here, I am paid a commission.) Current Price: about $45 USD.
  4. If you buy my Basic Use Case Writing System (self study course, approximately 4 weeks), you get a lot of  example use cases.  The Basic Use Case Writing System includes 3 example projects with a total of 50 use cases. The 3 example projects are a research library user interface, cargo container shipping, and a conference management system. Current Price: $97 USD.
  5. If you register for my Business Analyst Fundamentals class (instructor led, IIBA certified, 10 weeks), you get a lot of examples of all kinds of requirements. The Business Analyst Fundamentals class is my premium class where I give you pretty much everything I have written on the subject of the Business Analyst role, sample artifacts, templates, etc.  If you are serious about being a Business Analyst or Business System Analyst, this is the class for you. The next class starts in February 2011. Current Price: $970 USD.

That list of places gives you a number of places where you can find example use cases that I have written. I am sure other people also provide example use cases. I have not gone to look for them, so do not know their quality.  I trust my own work :-)  so I know these are good examples.