Ravencloud Announced

Congratulations to Ravenflow on the release of the new version of their product RavenCloud!

This is a very exciting new product that lets you automatically create activity diagrams from your use cases, find and correct errors in the flow, and export your diagrams to a document – all offered over the net from anywhere you are in the world.

I participated in the beta this year, and was really impressed by how easy it is to log into a website, enter my use cases, and automatically generate activity diagrams and find errors in the flow.

RavenCloud is being offered by subscription, so you don’t have any software to install and you can access it from anywhere on the web.

You can even try before you buy :-) You can get a free account that lets you enter your use cases, create activity diagrams, and save them. You can copy and paste the activity diagrams into your documents with a watermark.

Paid accounts give you more options for exporting your work, and remove the watermark from the diagrams.

You can find RavenCloud here: http://www.ravencloud.com/

I’m not an affiliate, just a happy user and long time associate of the company.

Go get your free account and start using RavenCloud for yourself!