Followup on Iterative Planning Class: Resources

During the Q&A for the Free class in May on Planning Iterations, I referred to quite a number of resources.  I had some folks ask me to write up those references. Here they are:

Book: XP Explained, Kent Beck
Certified Scrum Master training –
Book: The Inmates are Running the Asylum, Alan Cooper
IIBA and certifications:

Analysis is a very important skill, analysis on the problem, the requirements, the solution

Requirements Management Tools
Spirateam from Inflectra:
IBM Rational Requisite Pro,
IBM Telelogic Doors,

Free UML Modeling Tool

Requirements Writing and automatic activity diagram generation

Free Documentation Tool

LinkedIn Group: Starting A Business Analyst Career
Laura Brandenburg – good resource as a BA, and helps people with tuning a resume and job hunting. Her blog is

Network in the Local IIBA chapters – meet other BA’s

Business Process Modeling Standard,

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