Why I’m not Upgrading to Winzip 16

I just got a copy of Winzip 16 and got a nasty surprise when I started to install it.

I actually read the new End User License Agreement (EULA) and discovered a few things that really bother me.

1. There is a bunch of new software added to Winzip that has nothing to do with file compression. It does computer scans for this that and something else. It is software I do not want, but I do not see any choice about whether or not to install it.

2. This software I do not want is under a subscription license. I have to agree to keep a credit card on file and be automatically charged a yearly subscription fee.

3. The amount of this yearly subscription fee is not stated anywhere that I could find.

4. This information does not appear anywhere that I could find on the Winzip website. Current US Federal Law REQUIRES a company to clearly disclose subscription agreements at the point of purchase.

I have used Winzip for a very long time and have always been happy with the product. I thought the company was honest with their customers.

I note that Winzip is now owned by Corel.

Today I am quite UNHAPPY with Winzip 16 requiring me to install software I do not want and to pay a required yearly subscription fee of some unknown amount for this software I do not want.

Give me back my old Winzip!!

(I know this is not BA stuff, but this kind of underhanded behavior really bothers me. We have to let each other know about this kind of thing.)